What is overall site SEO and why is important?

Good website design catches your eye and holds your attention, the website itself makes you want to stay on the page and keep browsing. But a good website is not just about website design. In fact, a website is nothing without content. And, to attract potential customers, website content needs to be structured in a specific way.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy. SEO can make your website rank higher on search engines ( Baidu, etc. ). If your website does not have sitewide SEO, chances are that your website will not be found by your potential customers on Baidu or other search engines.

What is whole site SEO?

Sitewide SEO gives you more exposure on the web and increases the likelihood of getting organic search traffic ( you don't pay for clicks ). Sitewide SEO works by utilizing various keywords and metadata, among other details, to improve your website's keyword rankings.

Imagine this: you have a well-designed website (maybe you spent the same coin to design this website ). Your website pages are clean, your contact page is clear, and you have a product page that is posted often, but you still don’t get any traffic. This is most likely because you didn't select the right keywords on your website, didn't carry out the whole site SEO, or didn't use any SEO method to improve your website's keyword ranking.

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) strategy is the process by which search engines find and improve your website's keyword ranking.

Why is sitewide SEO important?

No matter where in China you are, whether you are searching for a company or something else, the keywords you use tell the search engines what you are looking for. Search engines rank your website based on the traffic your website has already received, plus the keywords that appear on your website. Search engine algorithms are complex, but the key thing to remember is that to get high-volume organic search clicks, you want to rank as high as possible for your keywords.

The goal of SEO is to get your website on the first page (homepage) of search engines such as Baidu. Generally speaking, more than 65 % of users only browse the first page when searching for information. If you are searching for any information, whether it is a product, service, or other content, there is a 65% chance that you will only choose a site from the first page of Baidu.

This makes overall site SEO more and more important. Without high rankings, your website might simply get lost on the internet, disappearing from sight. Without a proper SEO strategy in place, unless you can find a way to generate more organic clicks, you will be firmly at the mercy of paid advertising.

Carry out whole site SEO optimization, which will help you rank higher for keywords, which is your guarantee to expand your customer base and make more money.

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