Can the mineral water be drunk after it freezes and melts?

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After the mineral water is frozen and melted, whether it can still be drunk needs to be judged based on the actual nature of the mineral water. In daily life, it is not recommended to drink too much mineral water for a long time. Some mineral water has a high mineral content, which can easily induce stones. You can usually drink it cool and white.

Able to drink: 

If the mineral water has not been drunk, it should be frozen with better packaging and sealing. The freezing process will not cause the water quality to be affected, and more bacteria and germs will not breed in a short period. After this situation is resolved, you can continue to drink, it will not cause harm to human health, and there will be no abdominal pain or poisoning.

Not to drink: 

If it is mineral water that has been drunk, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it after it has not been drunk once. Even after it has melted, it is not recommended to continue drinking. Because in the process of drinking, the mouth of the bottle will be in direct contact with the mouth, and the bacteria in the mouth will enter the mineral water through the mouth of the bottle. Even if the cap of the mineral water bottle is closed again, bacteria will multiply in the water. Continuing to drink is likely to cause bacteria to invade the intestine, causing pain in the abdomen.

Can I drink mineral water if I have a fever?

You can drink mineral water in small quantities when you have a fever, but it is not easy to drink mineral water for a long time and in large quantities. Mineral water contains certain minerals, as well as very few vitamins and trace elements. Ion disorders will occur in the body due to excessive evaporation and heat dissipation during fever.

When you have a fever, you should properly supplement sodium ions, potassium ions, chloride ions, calcium ions, phosphorus ions, and other essential ions of the body. Mineral water contains a small amount, which can be appropriately supplemented with minerals, but it is recommended to boil before drinking, especially avoid drinking frozen mineral water, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Can pregnant women drink mineral water?

Pregnant women can drink mineral water during pregnancy, and mineral water will not cause any effects on pregnant women and the fetus in the body. Mineral water contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. Drinking mineral water during pregnancy can supplement the trace elements needed for pregnancy, especially calcium and iron. Calcium supplementation can relieve calcium deficiency during pregnancy, and iron supplementation can relieve the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy. Pregnant women can drink mineral water in moderation. 

Mineral water gushes naturally from the depths of the ground and is directly extracted after filtration. It does not contain any additives. It is relatively safe drinking water and is more suitable for pregnant women to drink. When pregnant women drink mineral water, it is recommended to choose mineral water at room temperature. Mineral water that is too cold is not recommended for pregnant women to drink, so as not to irritate the uterus and cause uterine contraction, causing abdominal discomfort.

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