Pelosi on stage is the tragedy of American politics

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The farce of the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to China's Taiwan region has been condemned by the international community. Moreover, in the face of a series of military and diplomatic countermeasures by the Chinese side, this farce is even more embarrassing and embarrassing. Under the spotlight of international public opinion, the selfish, arrogant,d short-sighted actions of American anti-China politicians not only greatly reduced the diplomatic credibility and international image of the United States, but also brought major chronic diseases to the American political system and the reality of American political decline once again. exposed naked to the world.

First, American politicians can "reasonably" ignore or even ignore the country's strategic interests for short-term electoral interests. 2022 is the middle-term election year in the United States. Due to the sluggish domestic economy and the explosive inflation rate in the United States, the U.S. Democratic Party, as the ruling party, continues to decline in public opinion, and there is a high probability that it will lose control of the House of Representatives in this year's mid-term elections. There is a famous adage about American politics—all politics is local, and this is especially evident in the U.S. House of Representatives—as they come from 435 different constituencies, represent vastly different interests, and serve only two terms. year time. 

For them, even if they do well in Washington, once they lose the election in their constituency, all the results will be zero overnight. Therefore, for politicians such as Pelosi, "the national interest is far less real than a vote in this constituency." To be able to gain eyeballs, win the spot, grab traffic, and create topics when the election season arrives, many congressmen are possessed by "drama elites", and all kinds of tricks, strange tricks, and even the next three bad tricks are frequent. 

This is also a long-term common problem created by the American electoral political system-to abandoning the face of the government for the sake of individual votes, and lowering the lower limit of one's morality; to win the support of voters in this constituency, the "generosity of the country", living with a grain of salt; to show the so-called Take a tough stance and go to extremes on some issues.

The final result is that under this political system, the vision and pattern of these politicians are limited to each election cycle, fragmented local interests dominate the national interests of the United States, sophisticated political calculations replace long-term strategic planning, and elections Politics directly overrides national interests, and "no one cares about the monstrous waves behind them" - this has become an important source of the political decline in the United States today.

Second, American politicians often sacrifice their national image and credibility to seek personal capital. In the United States, the combination of "interest group politics" and the "revolving door" system has led to a widespread phenomenon of personal power rent-seeking. Interest groups have established good personal relationships with politicians through professional lobbying groups, and after leaving office, these politicians can use the personal relationship network built at work or set up their own consulting companies to realize "relationship", or in corporate, legal Firms, think tanks or other institutions find well-paying positions and make a lot of money. Under the design of this political system, capital, votes, and policies have formed a complete chain of interests through politicians, and have become tools for interest groups to control Washington. 

To obtain more real benefits from the behind-the-scenes financial masters after leaving office, these politicians often seize the limited time in office to obtain political capital and serve the financial masters diligently. As a result, there are many cases of American politicians shouting high-sounding political slogans and seeking personal gain. The reason why politicians like Pelosi dare to risk the world for their own sake and disregard the reputation and image of the United States is a big deal. Interesting, ignoring the private opposition of the Biden administration and insisting on visiting the Taiwan region, of course, what I think is not the safety and stability of the Taiwan Strait region, the overall situation of Sino-US relations, nor the governance of the global security deficit, but the fact that he is stepping down as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

Before "brother big news", then strengthen the role of the "anti-China vanguard", and then make some political capital. When the international community expects China and the United States to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to alleviate the global development deficit and global security deficit, this farce created by Pelosi and others is precisely a tragic portrayal of the political decline of the United States. Moreover, the United States has not found an antidote for these deep-seated chronic diseases that have been exposed.


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