Website optimization requires the website itself to be attractive

There are many reasons to create a website. Maybe you have a great product or service that you want to promote online. Maybe you have written your own high-quality articles and uploaded them online in the hope that more people will see them. Maybe you just want to share your content on the internet. However, none of these wishes can be fulfilled if no one visits your website.

Don't underestimate the power of an attractive website. If your website looks LOW (old and outdated), people may leave quickly and go to a more professional-looking competitor's website. This directly leads to a loss of visitors and revenue.

Whether you have a custom website, a generic website, or a template website, website optimization can be applied. Your website needs to pay attention to avoid the following five phenomena as much as possible because it is quite difficult to carry out website optimization for these phenomena.

  1. The opening speed of the website is extremely slow
  2. Framework JS call is the main
  3. FLASH animation is the main
  4. The content is poor, even only 1 or 2 pictures constitute the website
  5. The website does not have its own content and is copied from another website

If your website has any of the five phenomena listed above, I suggest you postpone website optimization.

Your website should encourage visitors to rate and share your content. If your website is to showcase products, then your home page can highlight some high-value product images. If your website has a blog, you can recommend your latest and featured blog posts. These jobs, while simple, do a great job of attracting visitors, as well as search engines.

If your website is newly launched, the website is large or contains many files, it is recommended to create a site map. A sitemap provides search engines with the information they need to quickly crawl and index your site's pages and content. In fact, there are many websites on the Internet that provide online sitemap generation. You can generate a sitemap yourself so that your website can be better indexed and included.

It is necessary to set the title and description of the inner page of the website. The title and description settings of the internal pages of the website should comprehensively consider the content of the page. Because when someone searches for keywords and keyword phrases related to the content of your website's inner pages on search engines such as Baidu, the title and description you choose will be displayed in the search result list.

If the title and description content of your website's inner pages are well set, it will help your website's inner pages to be well searched by searchers and attract them to click. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the title and description of the inner pages of your website to attract visitors and search engine spiders. In particular, avoid using one title (site name) for the entire site! Imagine, a certain page inside your website introduces the space station, but the title is such and such a meat company, does this seem awkward?

In my opinion, maybe website optimization may not necessarily achieve your expected goals, but website optimization can indeed achieve the results of improving website ranking, improving the visitor experience, and improving visitor satisfaction.

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