What are light soups?

For light soups, on the one hand, low-fat ingredients should be selected for raw materials, such as lean meat, fresh fish, ribs, black chicken, etc., On the other hand, it can be simply seasoned when making, and heavy seasonings should not be added. If it is used as a soup for dietary therapy, you can choose to add side dishes or medicinal materials appropriately according to the desired effect. Common light soups are fire-clearing and dryness-reducing soups, cold-repelling, and warming soups, and nourishing soups.

Fire-clearing and dry-reducing soups: 

Ingredients can be selected from mung beans, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds, and other fire-clearing ingredients, such as mung bean soup, winter melon kelp pork ribs soup, lily and lotus seed soup, etc.;

Cold-repellent and warming soup: 

Lamb and beef brisket have a better warming effect. They are often cooked with radish, yam, wolfberry, and other ingredients, such as lamb and radish soup, radish and yam stewed beef brisket, etc.;

Nourishing soups: 

The ingredients can be selected from nourishing black chicken, crucian carp, etc., with longan, red dates, and tofu, such as longan, red dates, black chicken soup, crucian carp tofu soup, etc.;


Common light soups include tofu clam chowder, spinach pork liver and egg soup, corn carrot pork ribs soup, and radish shrimp ball soup. The taste is light and the nutrition is comprehensive.

Avoid adding too much seasoning such as scallions, ginger, cooking wine, etc. when cooking light soups, so as not to affect the original flavor of the soup and the ingredients themselves.

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